About us

About Us

    Founded in the year 2012, NEPRA Foundation is one of a kind organisation focusing on making a socio-economic and environmental impact by engaging in several activities and initiatives involving different stakeholders in the waste management sector. With the purpose to create a positive impact, NEPRA Foundation has curated several initiatives for the well-being of the waste picker community and to enable behavioural change toward sustainable waste management practices.Till date, NEPRA foundation through its awareness activities has reached out to over ~3 million individuals enabling behavioural change towards waste management. Its dry waste management education initiative has sensitized more than 1.5 million students empowering them to be changemakers for a sustainable future. NEPRA foundation is also involved in empowering the women of the BoEP section by providing them opportunities to earn a living by making waste into a source of income. Foundation's education support has helped over 100 children of the waste pickers community to attain quality education.NEPRA Foundation has initiated projects and initiatives in line with making a positive impact on People and the Planet collectively.